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BizPROV Training

Creative Staff Development Workshops

  • boost morale
  • cultivate positive communication
  • increase collaborative teamwork
  • creativity and innovation within any company or organization.

Using a fun, creatively developed curriculum, we help companies establish a “yes, and” culture where people are connected, say yes, listen, support one another, and make each other look good. We teach individuals how to be stronger, positive communicators, say yes, adapt in the moment, have confidence, and strengthen interpersonal skills.

It’s not what you think of when you think of improv. There’s no acting or role-playing involved, and no one is put on the spot or made to “perform.” Our workshops are fun and safe for everyone, even your most introverted people. We are experts at what we do. You will be astounded by the positive impact and immediate results you’ll see with your team, and they will love it!

SUPER FUN!!!! BizProv takes the mind OUT of the daily grind and re-focuses it on interpersonal skills/communication that often go by the wayside over a long period of time when working together.
Pam Price , Whatcom Transit Authority
Loved it! Had no idea what to expect, and had a super fun time! It was like being a kid again while learning some great life skills. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their company culture and really bring your team together to have some fun and learn. You have to try BizPROV right away!
Brian Hardy, FizzPOP Media

Thank you again for the workshop and lessons your brought to the team. We had a great debrief session, and they really honed in on the limitations and expectations we put on ourselves.  Being open and accepting in the positive is something we have used the last couple days…Yes, and!

Diane Flick-Williams, Western Washington University - Head Volleyball Coach

It could really help a bunch of people in all fields.

Kevin Coleman, Whatcom Talk
Kris Erickson
Kris EricksonGeneral Manager