The Project

Thursdays at 9:30pm

The Project show slot can feature a bit of everything. The first Thursday of the month it’ll be Stand Up Comedy, and the other weeks will feature new improv shows, experimental comedy, goofiness, seriousness, and a ton more! In The Project slot we’ve done: Improv in Pairs (featuring Ryan Stiles), improvised David Lynch, Variety/Talk shows, The Panel (featuring four guest comedians), Unsolved Mysteries (improvised!), and more. Never a dull moment Thursdays at 9:30pm at The Upfront.

Come check out these upcoming Project shows!

First Thursday of Every Month  | 9:30pm

Thursday February 20th | 9:30pm

Thursday February 27th + March 19th | 9:30pm

Thursday March 12th | 9:30pm

Thursday March 26th | 9:30pm