Project Description

Jarrett Galante

A native of California, Jarrett Galante traded in the glitz and the glamour of Los Angeles for the serene beauty and kooky creatures that inhabit beautiful Bellingham. Sure seeing that ball of light in the sky on a daily basis was intriguing, but he much more prefers the grey dampness of the PNW. After all, it allows him the freedom of pretending he’s a sparkly emotional Vampire. Jarrett is a true cypher. A lover of Charles Bukowski and Classic Disney films, people just don’t know what to make of him. “He’s not really living in reality”, says just about everyone ever, but that’s just fine for Jarrett, he’ll make his reality on the stage, pretending. He’s learned how to pretend from the best of them, whether that be at The Groundlings and UCB theaters in Los Angeles, or the Stella Adler Acting Academy in Hollywood. He’s so very proud to be a member of The Upfront Theater and happy to call Bellingham his new home.