Project Description

Gillian Myers — Artistic & Education Director

Gillian grew up in a small town in western North Carolina. She originally made her way out west to attend college at the California Institute of the Arts. After traveling across these great United States of America several times, Gillian settled down in Bellingham in 2010 and hasn’t stepped foot outside of Whatcom County since.

In art school, Gillian was trained in traditional and non-traditional art forms. She found she was most interested in video, performance, and installation art. She has moved on to work in many different aspects of production for theater and film including writing, directing, acting, costume design, set design, and stage management. She loves collaborating with people on set and on stage.

Gillian fell in love with improv the day she started taking classes at The Upfront in the fall of 2014. Shortly after, she was hired to be a part of The Upfront team. She’s become an expert candy and drink seller, but remains humble. You may also be able to catch her on stage from time to time as a member of the Mainstage Ensemble as of May 2016.