The Upfront Theatre | Improv Outreach Program

School of Improv | Outreach Program

Bellingham’s home for improv comedy, The Upfront Theatre, offers an amazing program to bring the wonderful world of improvisation to schools and their students. Participants will engage their mind, body and imagination through improv games and exercises. They will practice teamwork, positive communication skills, building confidence, and discovering their own untapped potential in a fun and safe group environment. We strive for learning and laughter in these workshops.

The Upfront offers a range of options that fit your needs for incorporating the arts into your existing programming. This includes options like weekly workshops with students in after-school clubs, one time classroom visits, or interactive assembly presentations.

We have had successful courses in many local schools like Compass School, Bellingham High School, Sehome High School, St. Paul’s Academy, Burlington-Edison High School, Whatcom Middle School, Explorations Academy and Columbia Elementary.

Flexible pricing ensures our ability to work within your budget while offering this awesome improv experience.

Gillian Myers
Gillian MyersArtistic & Education Director