Corporate Training & Private Events

Creative Staff Development Workshops

Our high impact “BizProv” workshops boost morale, cultivate positive communication and collaborative teamwork as well as creativity and innovation within any company or organization.

Using a fun, creatively developed curriculum, we help companies establish a “yes, and” culture where people are connected, say yes, listen, support one another, and make each other look good. We teach individuals how to be stronger, positive communicators, say yes, adapt in the moment, have confidence, and strengthen interpersonal skills.

It’s not what you think of when you think of improv. There’s no acting or role-playing involved, and no one is put on the spot or made to “perform.” Our workshops are fun and safe for everyone, even your most introverted people. We are experts at what we do. You will be astounded by the positive impact and immediate results you’ll see with your team, and they will love it!

Private Events

The Upfront Theatre provides unique and memorable private performances, custom tailored to fit your group or event. Perfect for any occasion; company parties, fundraisers, anniversaries, retirements, you name it.

From church groups to biker gangs, we’ve provided entertainment for hundreds of events! Our interactive, hilarious shows will have your guests bursting at the seams. We will either send a group of our expert improvisers out to you or you can reserve our space and have your event here.

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