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This interactive show takes suggestions from the audience and turns it into the next theatrical Bollywood hit with music, dance, and over the top plots.

From the hero entrance, love songs, and all those great lines of Bollywood dialogue come to life right in front of your eyes.

Bollywood films are over the top stories of romance, comedy splashed with revenge and sometimes murder. They have intricate plots set in exotic locals with lots of singing and dancing.

Improv Comedy Mumbai (ICM) as the name suggests, is an Improvisational Comedy group from India. ICM has been performing Improv since 2009 and represented India in international improv festivals in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Toronto. ICM has performed with groups from Second City Toronto and Boom Chicago out of Amsterdam. ICM regularly does a range of different shows including, short-form games similar to the TV show Whose Line is it Anyways?, long-form genre specific formats such as Improvised Bollywood, Improvised and Romantic Comedy.