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Are you ready for the next level of play? Do you want to have more fun and get more laughs? Join veteran improviser and teacher Deanna Fleysher for a high-energy class that will take your improvisation to new heights of comedy, commitment and joy.
In this 12-hour, 4-session workshop, we will dive into the following:
**Finding the Game
**Creating Memorable Characters
**Electrifying your Environment
**Giving the Audience what it Wants
**Raising the Stakes
WORKSHOP DATES: March 26 & 28th, April 2nd & 4th | each night from 6-9pm
Expect lots of personalized feedback, heavy reps and stronger improv muscles!
Some improv experience is ideal!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Deanna Fleysher is an Upfront Mainstager who has trained with luminaries throughout the American improv comedy world, including founding members of Improv Olympic and UCB, and has been creating, performing and directing improv comedy work for the last 15 years. She tours internationally with her semi-improvised comedy solo show and teaches workshops in improvisation, physical comedy and audience connection around the world. More about Deanna at www.buttkapinski.com.

I found it amazing how effortlessly Deanna could guide to students to find the best versions of themselves. She managed to even pull the most stubborn performers into choices that they would have never found on their own and they were all the happier for it.

Asaf Ronen, artistic director, Institution Theater, Austin TX and founder of yesand.com.

I came to Deanna because I was looking to be more physical as an improviser. What I discovered was her workshop builds countless other muscles that conventional classes overlook: harnessing the power of failure and vulnerability; creating stage pictures and silent emotional connections with scene partners; and learning how to let go of agendas and be truly free on-stage. I can’t recommend her enough.

Chad Damiani, teacher and improviser, LA, CA


Out of stock!Bootcamp w Deanna Fleysher$120.00