Comedy Lab

Thursdays at 9:30pm

Comedy Lab features a bit of everything as we test out what’s funny.

The first Thursday of the month it’ll be Stand Up Comedy, and the other weeks will feature new improv shows, experimental comedy, goofiness, seriousness, and a ton more!  We experiement with hilarity to bring you the perfect formula of laughs in this weekly show.

Comedy Lab has already tested the boundaries of funny with shows like Improv in Pairs (featuring Ryan Stiles), improvised David Lynch, Variety/Talk shows, The Panel (featuring four guest comedians), Unsolved Mysteries (improvised!), and many more.

Come see what we have cooking up next in the COMEDY LAB!!!

Come check out these upcoming Comedy Lab shows!

All Ticket Sales are Suspended until further notice.

1st Thursday of Every Month  | 9:30pm

Next Show April 2nd

3rd Thursday of Every Month  | 9:30pm

Next Show March 19th

Thursday March 26th | 9:30pm

Thursday April 9th | 9:30pm

Thursday April 30th | 9:30pm