matty_20131116_50086-2927528966-O-(1)Looking for spice in the workplace? Trying to get your employees pumped for another year? You want to be present, connected and positive with your clients? Come join us here at the Upfront or have one of our instructors come out for one of our high impact “BizProv” workshops.

Our BizProv workshops are not just normal improv. They are workshops aimed to boost your confidence, attitude and overall positive communication to make you an effective team member.

You will explore what truly being present in any situation means and how to listen and connect with your clients. Finally, we will use the “Yes, and…” mindset to build interpersonal skills and develop a love for your job. Our workshops are safe for everyone and there is no role-playing or performing involved! Just good ol’ fashion fun.

BizProv has empowered countless business people throughout Whatcom County and the greater Pacific Northwest. Come explore with us!

For more information email Kris Erickson, Artistic & Education Director, at or call 360-733-8855