The Upfront Theatre | School of Improv | Bellingham, WA

About School of Improv

The Upfront Theatre is proud to offer improv classes for all ranges of experience levels. These classes help turn students into amazing performers and/or provide useful life skills!

We offer quarterly classes, with each session lasting 8 weeks. Classes generally meet weekly for 1.5 hours, giving our students something to look forward to each week!

Our awesome instructors bring loads of experience with a curriculum that will both challenges and tickles the funny bone.

As a new student, you will first meet a new group of people who, like you, want to have fun, laugh, and see what it feels like to learn the basics of improv and see where that takes them.  You will discover that you are funny, brave and full of great ideas!  Our teachers will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable while you venture into new territory.

As you continue through the classes, you will learn not just the fundamentals of improv, but you will join a group of Upfront-trained improvisers who exemplify our style:  sincere, supportive, confident, comfortable in all styles and formats, and supremely committed to having a great time!